John grew up on a farm in Africa.


It was a wonderful experience.


His mother was an equestrian, so he learned how to ride horses at a young age. They would go for rides in the African bush and regularly run into a herd of some 40 sable antelope.



The Rhodesian Bush

a painting by Joan Evans  click for more

Before it became Zimbabwe, the country was called Rhodesia.


The Beautiful Black Sable Antelope

John learned dressage, the Austrian School. He thought of dressage as being horse ballet. He developed a sense of how to be a horse whisperer.


My father wanted me to go to university and I enrolled at the University of Natal for a Bachelor of Economics Degree.

University of Natal

South Africa

Post Script!

John found a trap door that lead to the flat area to the right of the central tower, (see pic above - the building is the library building of the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa).

This is where he rehearsed for his audition to the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

It overlooks the city and the ships waiting at the harbor entrance. The storm clouds beyond provided an inspiring backdrop of lightning and thunder, something out of an extraordinary piece of live theatre.

John quit his thirteen course degree, after nine courses, to take on the toughest job, acting.

Why? "I love it... Why else do anything".

He won a place at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London, England.

Next stop: London, England and the journey of a greater understanding of the British and the whole world of theatre.


Part of his early South African journey, John discovered:


"There is a law in this universe, there can be no effect without a cause” -

Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián d'Anconia

This lead to a word which radically changed his viewpoint: Philosophy -  Philos  (love of)  Sophos (wisdom).

"This opened the door to Ancient Greece,

the Golden Age of Greece.

And the Italian Renaissance.

And the Founding Fathers of America.

But I get ahead of myself..." JP




Horse Ballet

Xenophon talking to Socrates

He emphasized training the horse through kindness and reward

Plato & Aristotle

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