For an acting class to happen, the following needs to be present:


                        A SPACE    STUDENTS     A TEACHER


The Actor’s Class space is provided by two local schools, free.


This keeps the costs low. (Much thanks...)


The Master Teacher is John Parsonson.


John has some basic principles he uses:


He never yells.

He draws on his experience as a professional actor/writer/director and... shares his knowledge.

He uses The Approach. You may have heard of The Method. It transformed  American Acting. The Approach is an advance on

The Method, with no liability.

Audiences see through fake acting. John calls it "Indicated Acting". Indicated vs natural acting. It takes real knowledge and skill to understand.

John has become a specialist with children...

And he has worked with the Pros.


There are four levels: Introduction Intermediate Advanced Master


Our Teacher John



We passed the 2000th  class during 2013!

The very first class...


"As the Photographer paints with light

The Actor paints with life."


John works hard to give back to the local schools at every opportunity by contributing to the quality of the performing arts...

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